A Sustainable Future With Deconstruction

Demolition has long been in a struggle over convenience and sustainability. Taking down a building is challenging, and demolition is a fast, cheap and reliable way to do it. Unfortunately, convenience comes at a cost. Demolition is the single largest creator of landfill waste, generating 548 million cubic tons each year. Also, this process contributes to a large range of harmful chemicals contaminating our soil. On the other hand, deconstruction is a… Read More »A Sustainable Future With Deconstruction
picture of an old plank of wood being worked on.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed lumber can be a tricky thing to buy, but we’re here to help change that! We created this guide so you’ll know what the heck reclaimed wood is. As well as some tips for buying recycled lumber. We’ll take a quick look at how salvaged wood is sourced, priced and sprinkle in a little bit of history on the origins of American lumber. We hope that you’ll be ready… Read More »What Is Reclaimed Wood?